If you would be able to reach a group of people who attend a specific event then our Event Geo-Framing capabilities are a direct fit. Using the power of our mobile geo-conquesting capabilities we can target a venue during a specific time period to build an audience of only those people who attended the event. This allows you to reach hyper-niche audiences which might be difficult to reach through regular behavioral targeting.

For example, if you wanted to reach medical professionals then we could use event geo-framing to target a convention center during a medical conference. This example could be applied to any type of event or audience. And there is no time limitations for how long the event geo-frame is kept up. Whether the event is 2 hours or an entire week we can capture the audience.

Ideal Events For Geo-Framing

Conventions, conferences, and tradeshows

Sporting events (pro sports, NCAA, and more)

Concerts and music tours

Radio remotes

Theatre performances and Musicals

Fairs, Oktoberfest, Carnivals

Community and Cultural Events

Fundraisers and Benefits


How Event Geo-Framing Works

Build The Perfect Niche Audience


Identify an event which has the ideal audience to advertise to

Build an event geo-frame around the event venue for the time when the event will happen

Capture mobile device IDs for everyone who attends the event during the time we specify

We immediately begin showing mobile ads to the people who are part of our audience

For the next 30 days (or more) we show mobile ads to this audience, and encourage them to become a customer

Because transparency is important, we measure every part of the event geo-framing campaign. From the number of people who we captured, down to the number of impressions showed to each of them. We carefully track clickthrough performance, and can even measure how many people make a follow-up visit to a client business (if in-store traffic is the goal).

We’ve set an event fence to capture anyone who enters the park to attend a weekend festival
We then show ads to people after they leave the event

Keep In Contact With YOUR Audience

The biggest advantage of event geo-framing is reaching an audience that you would not otherwise be able to reach. However, you could also use this to perform additional marketing after your own event. If you operate an event which does not have registration then creating an event geo-frame will allow you to reach your audience even after the event. This is perfect for creating a special offer only available to people who attended your event.

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