The best time to reach a consumer is when they are looking for your product or service. With Search Engine Marketing we are able to match your business offerings with the people who are ready to buy from you. The result is that when someone performs a search on Google or another search engine, your business is shown at the top of the page before the organic listings even appear.
The power of paid search marketing is that the person seeing your ad is actively ready to buy—as opposed to being somebody who is just doing research. This is why SEM is a good opportunity for the business which thrives on producing regular sales or appointment bookings.

Search Statistics

  • 5 billion Google searches every day
  • 95% of mobile paid search are on Google
  • 68% of web traffic comes from search engines
  • 70% of websites rank worse on mobile searches than on desktop

Top of The Search Results

This Is How You Dominate The Search Rankings

If you want to own the search engine results then SEM is how Crowd Fire Solutions can help you achieve dominance over your competition. Unlike our search engine optimization offerings which take time to generate new traffic, our paid search product produces results immediately. You can be at the top of the search engines in as little as a few hours!

Keyword Research

The most critical part of running a search campaign is also the one most skipped over by other companies: Keyword research. Without careful evaluation of the keyword landscape you are likely to waste money buying keywords that your business doesn’t need. In fact, we regularly see other companies waste clients’ ad dollars on poor keyword decisions. An effective keyword strategy includes looking for opportunities to maximize your spend.
In addition to crafting a keyword strategy at the onset of your campaign, we continue to develop the strategy throughout the lifetime of the campaign. Whether we manage a search campaign for several months or several years, we believe in continuous optimization.
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