Organic traffic is crucial for your website to grow, and Search Engine Optimization is how you get this traffic. Google, Bing, and other search engines utilize highly complex algorithms to pair your website with a search term. Every day there are over 5 billion searches on Google alone. Every one of those searches results in the search algorithm making a determination about which websites are a useful match, and which ones to ignore. Websites that have an effective SEO plan in place will receive more of traffic, convert more visitors, and generate higher sales.

How To Get On Page 1 Of Google

The gold standard for search engine optimization is getting your website listed on the first page of Google. In this race there is no silver or bronze medals. This is because 91% of Google searches never click through to the second page. This means that if you’re not listed on the first page for your keyword than you are losing over 90% of your traffic!

The team at Crowd Fire Solutions has been optimizing websites for search for over 15 years. We understand how the search engines work, and use that knowledge to give your website a competitive edge by increasing your visibility. Don’t be fooled by budget SEO companies which follow a cookie cutter approach with SEO. We have learned by experience that what works well for one website might not have any effect on another.

With a well planned SEO strategy any business can achieve page 1 results for keywords that will generate revenue. In fact, most businesses can climb up the search rankings and hold one of the coveted top 3 positions. A well designed plan will take months, and it is the patient business which will realize the most success from SEO. If you are prepared to invest in your website over the long term than SEO will offer your business an impressive ROI.

Search Statistics

  • 2 trillion Google searches per year
  • 70% or more of searches are on Google
  • Half of searches are on mobile
  • 130 trillion web pages indexed by Google

Improving Search Rankings

How We Get Your Business Found Online

We break down our SEO efforts into two categories:

On site SEO which takes place on your website

The technical aspects of your website play an important part in ranking well in searches. Our HTML developers start every SEO project with an in-depth audit of your website’s infrastructure. We then determine what changes would need to be made to correct any optimization problems.

High quality content is crucial for ranking well in search engine results. Without having content on your website the search engine’s will not be able to match your site with online searches. Our SEO writing experts can produce content for your website, and optimize your existing content.

User experience is one of the ranking factors that Google and other search engines use when determining where your website should rank. Poor design will cause your website to fall in the rankings since the search engines will assign a higher quality ranking to other sites.

Off site SEO which uses other websites

Social Media is an important part of a good search engine optimization strategy. Using your profiles we can help generate a social buzz around your brand which will drive organic traffic to your business while also boosting your search rankings.

A comprehensive search engine optimization strategy will bring both of these areas together into a holistic approach. It all starts with an analysis of your current web presence, researching the competitive landscape for your keywords, and determine which tools will help boost your search rankings.
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