Being present on social media is a necessity for any business. However, creating a profile is only the first step. Getting noticed above the noise IS possible for any business when we tap into power of Social Media Marketing. All of the top social media websites offer advertising opportunities to expand the reach of your client’s business, grow their social following, and drive customers to the business.

We happen to be experts at implementing social media marketing programs¬†that work. While many marketing agencies shy away from running social media marketing, Crowd Fire Solutions embraces the potential of social media marketing. Not only can we run your client’s campaigns through our white label marketing program, but we actually make it profitable for you to offer this service!

Goals of Social Media Marketing

  • Boost website clickthroughs
  • Get more followers
  • Increased engagement on posts
  • Drive people to a physical storefront
  • Generate new leads directly on the social network

Must know social stats

  • 70% of Americans use Facebook every day
  • 74% of American Adults use YouTube
  • 94.% of OTT vies are from YouTube
  • Social media has higher click rates than programmatic
  • 83% of marketers use social for B2B advertising
  • 57% of consumers will follow their favorite brands
  • 89% of consumers who follow a business will make a purchase

Reaching The Right Person

Beautiful Creatives To Promote Your Message

Leveraging Data

Just like with Programmatic Advertising, we start any social marketing program by determining the Ideal Customer Profile (the ICP). It’s this step where we combine the client’s understanding of their customer with our knowledge of using social media data. What’s the result? Targeting which reaches only those customers likely to be interested in the business. Using the right targeting is one of the most important steps toward not wasting the advertising budget.

Social media users provide thousands of data signals to the social network. We cut through irrelevant data and find the data that actually produces results. Zero guesswork involved.

From age to income, and everything in-between, we sort through all of the data collected on social media users to match the businesses’ ICP.

Geofencing sets the bar for targeting when it comes to location based businesses. Not only do we target consumers based on where they live, but where they work, play, and shop.

Artificial Intelligence, also known as machine learning, is a newer form of advertising which focuses on converting traffic. These ads run with limited targeting parameters, and slowly build a profile on your ideal customer based on who clicks your ads.

We can match a website’s visitors with social media users, allowing the business to guide interested people back into the sales process. No longer do businesses have to worry about losing their customers to the social media fray, but can instead continue targeting them on these networks.

Building a Social Strategy

Tapping Into The Power Of Social Data

Not every social media network is going to be a good fit for every business. This goes for marketing, and also for social media presence in general. This is a strategic call based on what type of customer the business is trying to reach. Ages and gender of the users are obvious differences between social networks. Behavior also varies from network to network. When we are asked to run a social media campaign we look at who the ideal customer is, and then suggest the appropriate network for that goal.

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