If you have ever seen a banner ad on a website then you you are familiar with what we call programmatic advertising. Crowd Fire Solutions works directly with ad networks to place our clients’ ads on the most popular websites and mobile apps. Our extensive network gives us access to millions of websites, and 90% of people who are online.
Programmatic Advertising is the single most effective way to reach new audiences online. With no minimum spend requirements, we are able to work with any size client to build campaigns that fit your budget. We simply believe that all businesses have a right to use these amazing tools to grow their revenue. And with an average ROI of $2 for every $1 spent, Programmatic Advertising is a proven winner!

By The Numbers

  • 2/3 of digital spending is on programmatic ads
  • $240 billion will be spent on digital ads this year
  • 51% of digital ad spending is on mobile advertising
  • 60% of consumers click an ad at least once a week
  • 2/3 of consumers can name a brand that they have seen advertised online in the last week

Honing In On Your Ideal Customer Profile

Getting The Most Out Of Your Advertising Budget

Advanced Targeting Technologies

Our approach to programmatic advertising beings with the Ideal Customer Profile (we call this the ICP). This is a critical step where, using your knowledge of your customer, we determine what type of person is most likely to convert. The more detailed a profile we can build, the more effective the advertising campaign can be.
Once we know who to target, we can use all of the tools in our arsenal to put your ad in front of the right person at the right time.

Using a person’s search and browsing history we can determine what their interests and habits are. This allows us to put relevant ads in front of them which they are more likely to click.

Thanks to social media and data brokers we can pinpoint a person by age, gender, income and more. With this information you can preserve ad dollars by not wasting money displaying ads to the wrong audience.

If you run a location based business then you only want to advertise in front of people in your service area. With geofencing we can limit your ads to only show for people who live and work in a certain area.

Artificial Intelligence, also known as machine learning, is a newer form of advertising which focuses on converting traffic. These ads run with limited targeting parameters, and slowly build a profile on your ideal customer based on who clicks your ads.

With retargeting we place a cookie on the browser of every person who visits your website. This cookie then allows us to build an audience of people who have visited yours website, but who did not convert into a customer. We then display an advertising message to bring them back to your website to convert.

Creative Design

Beautiful Creatives To Promote Your Message

It’s true that consumers are exposed to thousands of ads each day. To rise above the noise you need to grab a person’s attention within seconds. This is where our team of writers and designers come into play. Our creative team are specialists in crafting messages that compel people to click our ads.
Beyond regular banners, we have access to advanced HTML5 creatives. Using the latest technology we can bring rich media to create ads that help tell the story of your brand or product.
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