Our Geoconquesting technology allows us to install a virtual geofence around any location, and send targeted advertising to anyone who enters the perimeter. We can create geofences around a single business or an entire city!
Imagine being able to target ads to the attendees of a trade show, sporting event, or public gathering. The possibilities are endless, as we can draw a virtual fence around any area as small as a few inches!
With the power of Geoconquesting we can even target consumers who visit a competitor’s location. Partnering with Crowd Fire Solutions means that you will have the ability to put your message directly in front of customers who are buying products and services from your competition.

Search Statistics

  • 2 trillion Google searches per year
  • 70% or more of searches are on Google
  • Half of searches are on mobile
  • 130 trillion web pages indexed by Google

How Geoconquesting Works

Conquer Your Competition


To start we create the virtual fence around a location.

We immediately begin displaying ads on their phones while they are still in the target area.

After they leave the fence we continue to show them ads for up To 30 days.

Then we build an audience by collecting anyone with a mobile device using location services.

We continue to follow them for 30 days and wait for them to enter your business—at which point we count them as a conversion.

Our transparent reporting shows not only the number of people who entered our geofence, but also how many of them acted on one of our ads! Not only are we able to track who clicks your ad after visiting the geofence, but also everybody who crosses over and enters your business!

We target anyone who visits this location
We then display our ads

Re-engage Your Customers

Geofencing isn’t just for promoting your business in front of new prospects. Creating a fence around your own business is a great way to touch existing customers. You could offer an incentive to bring back people already familiar with your business, or to reward loyal customers!
Our system is also completely addressable. Meaning that we can take your customer list and target them by home address. This is an effective way to reconnect with your past customers over and over without getting caught in the junk mail clutter!
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