Video advertising is no longer tethered to traditional broadcast and cable television. As online streaming providers produce more and more original content, viewers are being drawn to these platforms. To directly compare against cable: The number of online streaming subscribers is set to overtake paid TV subscribers by 2024. Even today these platforms are more popular, with 6 out of 10 people preferring online platforms over linear TV.

Streaming content is referred to as OTT (Over The Top) content due to it’s ability to reach people anywhere in the home. The process by which OTT content is delivered is called CTV (Connected TV).  OTT is capable of reaching people on any TV with an internet connection, such as streaming boxes, streaming sticks, smart TVs, gaming consoles, DVRs, and internet connected Blu-Ray players.

OTT/CTV Numbers

  • 68 million US homes use OTT streaming
  • 31 million US homes switched from cable
  • 51% of US adults use at least one OTT service
  • OTT users stream for 2+ hours per day
  • OTT advertising exceeds $8 billion per year

We Can Reach Any CTV Device

Advanced Targeting Opportunities

We Can Pinpoint The Viewer Most Likely To Respond

Leveraging Data

The biggest advantage that OTT brings to advertisers over traditional TV are advanced targeting abilities. Because we can pinpoint the exact person we want to reach, there is far less waste than with a traditional TV ad buy. In the past, reaching the right demographic meant buying certain time slots or programs. But with OTT content we focus on the individual viewers. The result is that people see ads that are relevant to them, and therefore are more likely to make a purchase.

We can import any existing list of addresses in order to show ads to only those individuals. This can reengage stagnant customers and create entirely new levels of loyalty. Our addressable data is GPS based and is accurate down to the foot.

We have thousands of data points available which allows us to target consumers in just the right category. Our first party data is unstructured, which means that we can create our own categories (i.e. people who are both a homeowner + interested in cooking).

Age and gender are just two basic examples of what we can do with demographics. We have complete data on martial status, income, education, parental status, homeownership and more!

Our campaigns can target long or short form content. This gives our advertisers extra flexibility if they want to reach audiences who are highly engaged in long form programming versus short videos.

We link all household devices including smartphones, tablets, desktops, and CTV devices. This allows us to execute true omni-channel marketing efforts. By reaching the same person through multiple mediums we drastically increase the possibility of the business getting a sale.

Our OTT/CTV solution can attribute both online and offline conversions. We don’t only count clickthroughs but physical store visits! This is possible because of our cross-device linking.

Access To Premium OTT Content Providers

Creative Production

Our production team can build a 30 second commercial to get your client’s message out.

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