Most business owners understand the importance of social media. However, many businesses struggle with being able to effectively use these platforms effectively. All too often, a business owner will set up social media profiles and then rarely update them. This can leave customers wondering if the business is still around.

Crowd Fire Solutions eliminates the problem of stagnant social media accounts by providing social media management. This premium service puts our content development team into action on behalf of the business. We create great looking content with the business’ goals in mind.

Social Notes

  • 86% of B2B social content is outsourced content creation
  • 30% of that B2B distribution is outsourced
  • 91% of followers will visit the brand’s website
  • 89% of followers buy from the brand
  • 85% of followers recommend the brand to family
  • 57% of consumers follow brands to learn about new products

Staying Relevant Is Key

It's Easy To Get Lost In A Sea Of Social Noise

How to Create Great Content

There is more noise than ever before on social media. And the problem is getting worse! Although social media giants like Facebook are focusing on putting the right content in front of social users at the right time, there is still more content than people will ever be able to see. An individual could have hundreds of new items to see every time they visit social media. This makes it incredibly challenging for businesses to reach the people who are following them.
As you can imagine, in the end there are a lot of variables which go into crafting content for social media. At Crowd Fire Solutions we have some of the top minds in this space, and we can summarize some of what makes great social media content as follows:

This is an obvious one, but the content that a brand publishes has got to be relevant to the people following that brand. Keep posts on-topic, or you risk alienating followers (45% of people who unfollowed a brand said it was because the content was irrelevant!).

Getting people to engage with the content is every social media marketer’s goal. Not only does this capture more of the user’s attention, but it also signals to the social media network that the user should see MORE of the brand’s content.

It’s critical that posts appear on user’s timelines at the RIGHT time. A post that is scheduled too early can end up buried in content which piled up overnight. We analyze our own data, plus the brand’s specific post history to identify the optimal time to post.

Knowing your customers is the first step in determining what the attitude should be on your posts. Serious? Humorous? Educational? Make sure you know how to speak to your audience (and when it’s okay to break the rules and mix things up).

Where We Can Help

From Selecting Networks To Publishing Content

First step for every business is to take a cold hard look at their goals with social media. Too often we see businesses that think they need to be on every social network, and quickly stretch themselves thin trying to post everywhere. Even with software that cross-posts automatically, trying to maintain multiple social media profiles can drain resources.

With different demographics, attitudes, and capabilities prevailing on each of the social networks, it is possible to determine where a brand is going to fit best. This is not an area for guesswork, as building a social media presence takes a lot of time and effort (i.e. money).

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