For your small business clients getting found on local search is critical to their success. Shoppers are starting their searches on mobile devices, and using location modifiers including GPS location services. This takes regular search engine optimization to a new level, and brings all kinds of new dynamics into play. A business could rank well on normal searches, but be completely overshadowed by the competition on local search. For this reason we absolutely must ensure that our clients understand the importance of local search.

While there are multiple search engines at play, most businesses are immediately concerned about their search presence on Google. When we talk about local search on Google we are talking about the client’s visibility in three key areas. These include the Local Search Pack, the Google My Business profile, and Google Maps.

Local Search

  • 46% of Google searches have local intent
  • 50% of mobile searches are for a business address
  • 93% of Google local searches show the local 3 pack
  • 72% of local searchers visit stores within 5 miles
  • 18% of local searches result in a sale within one day
  • 95% of consumers 18-34 read online reviews
  • 85% of consumers trust online reviews
  • Reviews are the 3rd most important ranking signal on local searches

Keys To Local Search

Everything Your Clients Need To Succeed

Helping your clients thrive in the local search scene starts with getting a clear picture of how Google and the other search engines see their business today. This involves scanning all of the top internet directories for their business information, and looking for omissions and errors.

Strong presence in online business directories and search engines. There are hundreds of online directories, and some of them can be very time consuming to change. It’s important to know which will have the most influence for your particular client, and focus there for best results.

Accurate and consistent information across these sites. Having inconsistent information confuses Google and other search engines, and can lead to unfair lower positions in the search results. Even worse is inaccurate information which can be sending customers to the wrong phone number.

Good online reviews across all of the top consumer review sites. With the majority of consumers trusting online reviews as much as personal referrals it’s critical for your client to invest in growing their reviews on Google, Facebook and other top sites. We can make this process a breeze for your client.

At Crowd Fire Solutions we have a team of people tasked with doing nothing except handling business data submission. We can work with all of the top online directories to submit your client’s information. Instead of this process taking your client 10-20 hours of valuable time, we complete the process from start to finish in the background–giving your sales team 100% of the credit.

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